Spring is the season of colour, freshness and greenery all around. As the spring season has already set in, the Students of Grade III of MRIS-51, Gurugram presented a special assembly ‘Spring Fling’.
The Students prayed to the Goddess of knowledge by performing Saraswati Vandana. They danced with heart-warming expressions on Spring song and also sang melodious songs depicting the freshness and liveliness of the season. The Students shared information about unique flowers. They gave a beautiful message through a small presentation that each flower is the best but when put together, they look perfect. It was an amazing amalgamation of various facts about the season of flowers, dance, and drama. The Students enthralled everyone with their performances.
The best part of the event was Parents’ Involvement Activities wherein the parents participated whole-heartedly in activities like- Kite Making, Jewellery Making, Flower Arrangement, Dessert Gallery etc. with great zeal and enthusiasm.