SPACE Explorer workshop is a collection of one day program which focus on teaching Space Science and Astronomy to the students through practical hands on experience. The Space Explorer workshops give students an opportunity to participate, interact, and experiment to find answers behind the mysteries of the universe. The students get out of textbook learning experience, which help them develop their knowledge base as well as life skills.

Workshops named A DAY ON EARTH and THE MAGIC OF LIGHT were conducted in the school campus on October 13, 2016. 196 Students from Grade I to VI attended this workshop. The duration of each workshop was 90 minutes. On Earth we relish the sight of a beautiful rainbow, the refreshing shade of a tree, the lush green leaves, and the shimmering surface of the sea at night.

Students unraveled the mystery of light through a wonderful magic show. In this workshop, students were able to understand that the colour of objects is actually the color of light reflected from them. They learnt to distinguish between the shadow of solid and plane surface and distinguish between artificial and natural sources of light. They also analyzed that the DAY and NIGHT is due to the rotation of the Earth. The students even discovered that the Earth is a spherical planet with land masses and plenty water bodies. The workshop was well appreciated by the teachers and the school management and the SPACE team received wonderful feedback.