“Let’s Discover Changes” Week At MRIS-51, Gurugram

MRIS -51, Gurugram celebrated “LET’S DISCOVER CHANGES” week for the students of Nursery as a part of their ongoing IPC theme “CHANGES”. During this week; the students saw, discovered and enjoyed changes around them through various activities such as: Flour kneading and chapatti rolling, Bubbles Bubbles everywhere, Gems Rainbow- A kids candy science experiment, Funky n’ Frisky Fashion Show. The kids liked getting their hands messy while adding water to the flour and kneading it and rolling the dough into various shapes. Blowing bubbles and getting the impression of same on the paper was an absolute fun for them. They were amused on seeing candies releasing colour and dissolving in water in a specific pattern. Dyeing activity added excitement as students explored and used natural colours and learnt how to dye a fabric. The highlight of the week was Funky n’ Frisky Fashion Show wherein children enthusiastically expressed themselves through different looks by putting on various accessories, replicating the outfit of their favourite cartoon character and crazy hair dos. They all rocked the ramp with their dashing style of walking and new changed look. This fascinating journey of changes was a wonderful learning experience for students.

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