MRIS -51 organized an IPC and Science EXHIBITION in the school premises on 1st Dec.2012 for Classes Toddlers-V to showcase the application of knowledge learnt by the students. Various models were displayed by the school students

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that included Volcano Eruption, Solar System, and Different kinds of Plants, filtration, Environment Conservation and Distillation among others. Today rapid developments are taking place in the field of Science and Technology. New discoveries and inventions help man in many ways and the budding scientists of our school proved this as they presented many creative ideas as exhibits. We were able to see young Newtons and Edisons among them. The Exhibits were artistic and attractive and some were marvellous. The exhibition was inaugurated by Sr.Deputy Mayor MCG, Gurgaon Mr. Yashpal Batra. He appreciated the budding scientists for the great work done by them and congratulated all the teachers.

The exhibits included eco-friendly houses, electromagnetic cranes, anti-gravity device, intelligent street light [switches on when sunlight goes], sensor etc. Everything was wonderful. Parents were overwhelmed to see the still models, working models, and projects. These provided a feast to the eyes of the parents. Such exhibitions have to be encouraged because students get an opportunity to present their ideas. New ideas grow in the minds of children. So exhibitions are opportunities where ideas will begin to bloom for the development of the world and MRIS truly believes in it.The IPC Exhibition 2012 held at MRIS-51 was a great success.