Our India is on the top of the world. Be it all the leaders, conquering new heights or our scientists bringing the red planet closer to home, we are on the roll. We have all the reason to smile wide. But do we have teeth healthy enough to do so.

In line with this, MRIS-51, Gurgaon took the initiative with Manav Rachna International University, Faculty of Applied Science, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics and organised the two day Health and Dental check-up for all the classes from BLOOMZ-VI in the school premises on  19th and 20th November, 2014.
The camp was commenced with dental awareness talk, educating students about common dental ailments, especially stressing on tooth decay and gum diseases and measures to prevent them. The doctors also examined the nutritional status of the school by measuring their height and weight and counselled all the students about Healthy Eating Habits. The students were also made aware about the eating patterns and food choices which cause tooth decay.  The surgeons also highlighted about the possible formation of harmful acid which develops when bacteria (plaque) get in contact with sugar in the mouth which ultimately results in tooth decay.   “Added sugars often are present in soft drinks, candies, cookies, pastries and therefore to help control the consumption of sugar one must read the food labels and choose the right foods and beverages that are low in added sugar”, the dental surgeons added. The parents have been intimated for further treatment. The doctors from the Manav Rachna University, Faculty of Applied Science, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics were glad to know that the kids were well aware of the foods that are healthy and nutritious for them and don’t prefer having junk food.
Let’s work in teams and come up with solutions, spread the word, inspire people!! Let us not limit it to a particular section or gender but being a human lets wake up and be strength of each other.