The Students of Grades II, IV, and V of Manav Rachna International School, Sector-51, Gurugram culminated their module 5 and 6 by conducting ‘ARRAY’- a vivid display of students’ acumen.

Grade II showcased their learning by taking their parents on a tour to Japan and North West Coast in their beautifully decorated porticos and classrooms. They confidently explained about the different games of Japan like Sumu Wrestling, Martial Arts etc. They explained about Ikebana, Daruma or wishing dolls, different types of fans, fish farming, and origami art.

In Module 6, they showcased North West America wherein they spoke about the home for Santa, Arctic region, igloo and Arctic animals and life of native people. They left the audience spellbound by their enthralling performances on the Fan dance and Martial Art dance. They also sang carols and wished everyone Merry Christmas. In the IPC arcade, students gave a glimpse of their themes through eloquent presentations.

The Students of Grade IV shared their understanding of module 5 and 6. Grade V students took the parents to the revolutionary era of French. They also presented different types of sports that are played throughout the world and their evolution.
Parents were overjoyed to see the presentation, arenas, and Christmas festivities all around the School.