The very first assembly of academic session 2014-15 was held on 14thApril. It was a day full of joy, fun and revelry as the air was filled with bliss, zest and fervour in the premises of MRIS-51. The assembly began with a warm welcome of Ms. Pooja Puri, Vice-Principal. She wished and blessed the students and the teachers on the beginning of the new session and shared that how happiness and togetherness can make a difference. A beautiful song “Together we can change the world” was sung by teachers to motivate the students. In order to enhance the significance of the day, a short talk on Dr. B. R Ambedkar was presented by the students of Gr-V. To mark the harvesting season, the school celebrated Baisakhi by wearing typical folk attire. The students of Gr-II enthralled the audience with an energetic Bhangra. The students of Gr-III explained the historical background of the festival in Punjab and emphasized on the importance of harvest festivals in other states in India. Like in Kerala, the festival is called ‘Vishu’ to ensure a year of prosperity.

In Assam, the festival is called Bohag Bihu, and the community organizes massive feasts, music, and dancing. Students shared the added meaning to the celebration that in 1699, Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru laid the foundation of Panth Khalsa. It’s believed that thousands of years ago, Goddess Ganga descended to earth. Vaisakhi is an important day for the Buddhists as well. The name Vaisakha, commemorates the Birth, the Awakening and the Enlightened Passing Away of Gautam Buddha who was born as prince Siddhartha. It was further followed by poem on Baisakhi by the students of Gr-IV. An interesting exercise session through the movements of different animals of the world was taken up by the teachers. The programme concluded with the school song and National Anthem. It was an interactive and fun-filled assembly.