Students of Grade VIII of MRIS-46, Gurugram attended a workshop on Space mission through the Sally Ride EarthKAM (Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle School Students) project, a NASA-sponsored education programme organised by Space India.

The Students learned to plan a target of interest based on orbits of the ISS. Participants studied geographical features, environmental problems, climatic sciences, meteorological changes, and other studies such as results of natural phenomena and disasters like – deforestation, glacier recession, and coastline changes. In the process, they gained exposure to tools such as Google Earth and learnt about orbital mechanics and mapping.

Students were given their log in Id’s, username and password with which they connected to a camera posted on the international space station facing the earth. They then saw the various orbits that the space station is going through on their computer screen and selected places within 50 miles of the camera along the orbit in the red portion of the orbit signifying the day time. The space station changed the orbit in every 96 minutes and the students worked on spots such as the Himalayas, Madagascar Islands along with their latitudes and longitudes along the various orbits visible. Each student was given two codes which they had to attach to their request for image selection and submit the image. The students shall now be able to download the images taken by them after 3 days by logging on to the same website

This unique hands-on learning will stay with the children for a long time and will inspire them to explore the unknown space.