Stories are the best medium for children to enrich their knowledge in an interesting and easy way. The children of Nursery and Toddlers of MRIS -46, Gurugram performed a Theme Assembly titled –‘Once Upon a Time’.

The children took their parents into the imaginary world of story land through their role play and vibrant dances. The parents saw different forms of narrating stories like lyrical, musical, role play,  puppet shows to name a few, bringing alive stories and characters from popular classic tales of Ganesha, The Pied Piper of Hamelin and Akbar Birbal.

Children came together to entertain with the Avtarang of Ganga, an amalgamation of mythology, current affairs and learning put together in a fun way. A fun-filled enactment, ‘Twist in Wonderland’ brought forth the vivacious personalities from our favourite fairy tales to classic fables. The novel performance of a puppet dance was mesmerizing.