‘All the world’s a stage’

Today’s educational theorists emphasise the importance of the creative minds and emotional intelligence- the need to develop the whole personality and children’s imaginations especially.

To accentuate this, MRIS-46, Gurugram welcomed Ms. Goldy Malhotra, (Director – Academic Staff College and Administration, MRIS) who took the initiative to conduct a Drama session for around 60 students and performing art teachers. She elaborated that drama is all about emoting expressions which in turn help the students to display confidence, improve skills and add to their knowledge.  Ms. Goldy Malhotra gave different props to the students to enact which helped break the ice. Groups were formed and different topics like arrogance in people, examination stress, meeting old friends in metro etc were performed by the proletarians.

Dramatics play an essential role in a child’s learning journey. It helps a child to have empathy and self control. Ms. Malhotra gave valuable tips to the Students for good performance.