Keeping in the view, the importance of a teacher as a counselor, the SEN department of MRIS-46, Gurugram organized a workshop on ‘Orientation Program for School Teachers’. The Resource Person was the eminent Educational Psychologist and Trainer, Dr V S Ravindran. It was attended by all the faculty members of MRIS-46 and various other members of the Manav Rachna family.

Dr Ravindran discussed the main components of a good counseling. His effective strategies and real life examples were eye openers. Dr Ravindran emphasized that counseling is a learning-oriented process which usually occurs in an interactive relationship where the counselor expresses care and concern towards the person with a problem. The counselor’s role is that of a guide who helps facilitate personal growth and positive change through self-understanding.

It was a highly interactive session wherein Dr Ravindran involved the audience fruitfully and sensitized them to be good counselors. The participants felt quite equipped to handle day-to-day issues that students come up with.