Sportek 2017-18

“Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose-it teaches you about life.” -Billie Jean King

An integral element of education, sports help in improving physical and mental strength of an individual. MRIS-46 Gurugram organized ​​Sportek 2017-18 from February 13-20, 2018. Sportek witnessed enthusiastic participation from students and parents of Early years to Grade ​IV​. The event was much appreciated by parents who were mesmerized by the innovative fun races and drill performances.The event showcased how the students from their formative years have imbibed the value of sportsmanship, a healthy spirit of competition, team work, perseverance and discipline. Parents participated in large numbers with equal gusto in the ‘Races with a twist’. The array of games stalls ranging from golf putting,ring the wicket, carom,​ ​fly the paper planes and life size snakes and ladders enabled parents to relive their cherished childhood memories.

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