A special assembly by the students of MRIS-46, Gurgaon on Dusshera reiterated the ideology of Good over Evil and created a buzz amongst the children. The assembly was initiated by chanting the pious name of Lord Ram and by singing the hymn “Hey Ram”. This was followed by beseeching the Goddess by the reverberating sound of Conch Shells. The audience was briefed about the Demon Mahishasur and how Maa Durga was born in order to slay him. A scintillating dance performance wherein boys personified the evil demon and girls portrayed Maa Durga was presented. A beautiful depiction of Ramayana in the form of Ramleela was also staged by the students.

Students of Grade XI Einstein and Mendel portrayed the victory of good over evil by enacting the Epic-Ramayana. The same depicted and apprised the students of its vanquishing evil and wanton nature and about having reverence for all aspects of life and even for the things and objects that contribute to ones well being. The teachers of Early Years also incorporated Ramleela, a gala theatrical enactment of Rama’s life story; and finally the war between Ram and Ravana. The little ones were simply awe struck to see their teachers on stage as Ram, Sita, Lakshman, Hanuman and Ravana. The assembly was conducted with total involvement, joy and happiness.