Life of success emerges out from healthy and sound competitions. It is the tonic for the promising and talented future. Considering these lines, MRIS-46, Gurugram organized Grade VII Inter-class Science working model competition which was initiated by three students of Grade VII along with their science teacher. 

The experience was quite enriching and indeed impressive as each group exhibited their ideas and gave shape to different mind graving models featured in the Competition. There were a number of inspiring models, mainly working Sources and Energy management based on Modern Science & Technology. Some of them were electronic Devices like Vacuum cleaner and Styro Slicer, a self chargeable Battery car, water Purifier, Thermo Electric generator, Door Alarm, Lego Crane and many other new distinct and motivating models. The models drew the attention of one and all and it was very difficult for the judges to decide on the winners.

Among those who bagged the first Position were Group I- Abhinav Sahal and Krish Gupta for creating Thermo Electric Generator and Group IV for Styro Slice, created by Kunjal Das, Kashish Goel, Deepinder Singh Pruthi and Eikansh Sharma.

Group VII secured second position for creating Vacuum Cleaner by the Students of Grade VII Bhaskara, Kartik Yadav and Harsh Yadav, and Aryabhatta, Piyush Bhora and Gaurav Yadav.

Third position was secured by Group V for creating Water Filter, by the Students of Grade VII Kepler, Paarth Sharma and Aakrit Jain.