MRIS-46, Gurugram continues to pursue new ways to link innovative programmes to new learning opportunities for the students. As part of the ongoing IPC theme ‘Champions for Change- Rulers and Government’ of Grade-V, a ‘Parent Involvement Workshop’ was conducted in the School recently.

Mr. Bansal Kumar, Election Analyzer educated the students about the nuances of election process. They were enlightened about end to end process of conducting elections in India, the world’s largest Democracy. The lecture was initiated with the process of choosing the candidates, selecting the political party, choosing a party symbol and the significance of this entire process in a democratic set up. Subsequently, the whole process of campaigning was conveyed to the students in a befitting manner. They were apprised about various permissible modes, such as door to door canvassing, display of Posters and holding mass rallies.

The lecture concluded with a brief overview of the Government profile: Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. The students asked thought provoking questions and were thrilled on receiving all the information.