“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” 

MRIS-46, Gurugram celebrated its annual BOUCH WOCHE (BOOK WEEK) recently in the School. The School library which was the main venue of this event saw the participation of Students from classes I to XI in various activities and workshops. Alluring work of art in the form of bookmarks and pictures of characters from books, painted by students, festooned the library.  The week long Book Fair was inaugurated by Dr. Biman Basu (Retired Scientist CSIR).

Dr. Biman Basu conducted a workshop on Astronomy for classes VIII and IX. The Students listened with rapt attention about space, stars and constellations. All facts shared by him were very interesting and aroused excitement and curiosity among the Students.

Book Fair put up by Scholastic India had books on subjects ranging from fiction, non-fiction, reference, philosophy. The graphical collection was an instant hit with the Students, who were seen flocking the fair to pick up some. Scholastic India joined hands with MRIS 46 Library to promote Project Green Library which is based on UNDP 17 sustainability goals and put up a wonderful fair with amazing collection of Environment Books. Grade VI –X students enjoyed audio books on the biography of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (Wings of fire) by Mr. Girish Karnard . Objective of this book week activity was to help and induce students to understand that a fire exists in each and every individual and they have to utilize it in the right way.

The second day of the Library Week started with an interaction with Ms. Vajayanti Sawant Tonpe, renowned author. She met with students and spoke about her book ‘Father’s Daughter’ and donated the same to school library.

Librarian’s talk was delivered by Dr. Shantanu Ganguli (Director, Library TERI). Students were told about the recent developments in the field of Library Science.

To connect young learners with books and to familiarize them with the wonders of the world of books and to cultivate reading habits DEAR time (Drop Everything and Read) was allotted to the students when they read anything which interest them.

The third day began with a workshop by Ajit Narayan, professional freelance cartoonist who has been drawing for reputed publishing houses and other print media for over 20 years. The workshop proved to be a perfect amalgamation of learning and fun and our young learners were delighted to draw their own comic strips using stick-figures with guidance from the acclaimed cartoonist. It was an enriching experience of creativity that was appreciated by both teachers and students alike. Students enjoyed each activity with enthusiasm. The book fair was the most exciting part of the Book Week  where the students got a chance to read more books.

On last day, Puppet show was a big hit.  Movie TAPPED was played in classrooms of Grade VI -X. Best Documentary Movie of 2014 was based on packaged drinking water and pollution created by empty plastic bottles. Class III-V Students enjoyed each activity with enthusiasm. They enjoyed the movie “My home is Green”. Scholastic Book Fair Lucky Draw Winners received gift books.

Online Teachers Quiz was also organized by the school Library for teachers and they participated enthusiastically in the  competition. The Library Week was a great learning experience for all of us at school. It not only engaged us in several fun-filled activities, but also reminded us that books are indeed a man’s best friend.