The next giant leap to Mankind will be the human settlement in planet Mars. The global search for the first human to set foot on Mars and make it their home is in process.
The students of MRIS-46, Gurugram were fortunate enough to interact live with one of the members of the mission, Mr Christian O Knudsen via Google Hangout.
He informed the students that how dedicated people are trying to evaluate and mitigate risks ,identity and overcome difficulties involved in the mission step by step.The students were enthralled and deeply motivated after interacting with him. They had a lot of questions to ask and some of the interesting ones included–How  will electricity be generated in Mars? How will you  socially adapt yourself in Mars? How will you drink ,eat, breathe there? What kind  of training is given to you etc and the list of questions was endless.
 He left the kids with a desire to learn more about  alternate human settlement and understand the wonders of the cosmic world.
MRIS-46 expresses gratitude to the parent Mr Amit Tiwari, father of Akul Tiwari, a student of Grade II Satpura for organizing such an interesting session for the students.