‘Not all classrooms have four walls’

What better way to build closer bond with your peers than travelling together for educational trips. Education goes beyond classroom walls. The experiences acquired by the students along with exploring new places are unforgettable moments.

A wonderful 4 day long trip in  the form of excursions was  organised for Manav Rachna International School, Sector 46, Gurugram by the EdTerra Group for Students of Grade V to XII to different locations at Uttrakhand. Grade V and X, XI visited Sursinghdhar, Uttarakhand and their camp was called Dream catcher. Grade VI, VII and VIII, IX went on trips named Cosmoquest and Astroquest which were based on scientific temperament with the incomparable science of Astronomy. They got a perfect opportunity to observe the celestial bodies like Jupiter, Saturn and much more through the telescope. Many activities gripped their interest like zip line, survive in the wilderness, trek, tent pitching and much more.  Grade XII visited Viraatkhai, Chakrata where they tried their hands on various adventurous activities.

The rejuvenated students reached back school happy and energized and are looking forward to more such educational trips in future.