Rubik Cube Competition

As we solve the Cube!

It took only 25 seconds for Aditya Jain of Grade VIII, MRIS 46, Gurugram to solve the Rubik’s Cube. Dozens of interested students from Grades VI, VII and VIII participated in Rubik’s Cube Competition 2017 ripping through cubes faster than you can read this article.

The competition had two rounds, wherein each grade was given an algorithm on which the cube had to be solved. To see students coming out and being excited about the Math puzzle was fantastic.

The fastest finger results are as follows:

Grade VI

First Position- SIDDARTH GUPTA, 43.19 SECONDS

Second Position- YUGAM JAIN, 47 SECONDS

Grade VII


Second Position-  RISHIT SINHA, 46 SECONDS

Grade VIII

First Position- ADITYA JAIN, 25 SECONDS

Second Position- AAKRIT JAIN, 44 SECONDS

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