MRIS-Noida contributed towards spreading the awareness about saving the mother Earth from diminishing from future. Students were sensitized towards the importance of their involvement in spreading the awareness.

Students involved themselves in various activities all round the week making themselves and others aware of the causes for depleting environment, enhancing of global warming and waning of the natural resources. They brought about the awakening through special assemblies, dance, music, slogan writings, drawings, posters, collages, debates etc. The weeklong activities culminated with the Talent Show put up by the students. Students not just spoke about the importance of the Earth Week celebrations; they even made science models that would contribute towards keeping the Earth clean and green. Young scholars of pre-primary put up a beautiful assembly. They presented a small skit, displaying the sufferings of the Earth and methodology we should adopt to contribute towards saving the Mother Earth. All the students pledged to save their Earth by involving themselves in bringing about small changes in their lifestyles at home as well and motivating their family members also to do the same.