P-  People

 A – Across   

R-   Regions 

A-   Around The 

G-  Globe 

O-  On the Move

N-  Now

The students of MRIS 21 C seemed to have become globe trotters while showcasing their journey across Unit I of Paragon. The children of KG presented their learning about Ancient Egypt and ancient Egyptians – – what they wore, what they ate, where they lived, etc.; they also talked about the river Nile, Egyptian Pyramids, Egyptian Mummies, etc.. The parents were amazed to see the creations of the children throughout the Unit, which were displayed all around the classroom. The children were smartly dressed-up in Egyptian Collars, Belts and Rhythm bracelets that the children had made themselves. The children explained to the parents the Essential Question ‘Who am I’ and all that they had discovered about themselves through the Unit. ‘CHAMPS’ was explained to the parents in detail. Unit 1 keywords were read out by the students which left the parents spell-bound at the reading-ability of the children. It was heartening to see the confidence with which the children presented these facts.

The parents of the students were over joyed to see their wards enliven the cultures of past and exhibit with confidence the life of an early man or the life of Sumerians  to culminate Unit I Needs and Wants &  Mesopotamia of Grades I & II respectively. Grade III students enroute their journey across Ancient India helped us glorify our rich past  through a presentation which brought alive the fact ‘ How did the civilization grow along the banks of River Indus?’

With Bas – relief projects , sarcophagus figures , life sized mummys, pharaohs being depicted in Grades IV & V  , Ancient Egypt seemed to have come to life with students speaking so confidently about what they learnt throughout Unit I  Egypt.

The parents were pleasantly surprised at the knowledge gained by the students in a small period of time. The assembly culminated with a mesmerizing dance presentation on ‘ Mother’s Day’.

The Vice Principal of the school. Mrs. Seema Malhotra visited all the centers to encourage the students participating in the assembly and had an informal interaction with the parents as well. Being partners in the holistic development of children , she encouraged the parents to bring forth their  valuable suggestions and feedback which would help in nurturing the blossoming buds of our play ground of education.