In continuation with our efforts at making learning a pleasure and to enhance the reading, writing and communication skills among the students, MRIS-21C conducted. Reverie – the literacy Fiesta from 23rd Oct, 2013 to 25th Oct, 2013. A host of activities involving mass participation were organized to give a platform to showcase the literacy expression of students.

Our little one from Bloomz, Toddlers and Nursery thoroughly enjoyed the story narration activity conducted for them by their teachers. It was also heartening to see the enthusiasm with which the students of KG participated in the reading Activity.

While, it was delightful to see the students of Grade-I create word chains and the students of Grade-II enjoyed doing the spell check.

An Inter House Poem Recitation Competition was organized in the RDM and it was motivating to see students write captivating slogans like ‘Rupee On Ventilators Dollar On Escalator’ and the like as a part of their slogan Writing Competition. The principal of the school, Ms. Ikwinder S. Singh – the guiding force behind ‘Reverie – 2013’ took rigorous rounds to monitor the work of students and gave tips to have the creative skill a students.

It was encouraging to see the little ones of  Grades I & II Tumble with the Tumbled Words where as Grade III & IV found it mind boggling to solve the Crossword Puzzles. The students of different houses exhibited their organizational skills by wearing their thoughts into wonderful stories as a part of Spin-Yarn Competition.

The activities for Reverie – the literacy week which were flagged of with full gusto and enthusiasm were culminated with the same zest. Our blossoming  buds of Grade – I & II showcased their recitation skills through an Inter House Poem Recitation Competition.

It was extremely pleasant to see the students of Grade – III create beautiful ‘Book Marks’ each bearing a wonderful quote/message. Finally, the students of Red, Yellow, Green & Jaguars Tigers, and Leopards Blue Panthers respectively gave an artistic expression to their literacy skills by creating small wall magazines on different parts of speech like Nouns, Adjectives, verbs and Prepositions.

The Principal of the school Ms. Ikwinder S. Singh congratulated both the students and the teachers alike for making ‘Reverie’ a success with a special thanks to the Coordinator, Ms. Aanchal Adlakha and the English Coordinator, Ms. Shweta Sehgal.