MRIS 21 C Faridabad was able to successfully culminate Unit III of Paragon with a Special Assembly presentation for KG, Grade I & III.  The children of KG thoroughly enjoyed Unit III about Homes, which addresses the Essential Question – ‘What is a Home’. Consistent efforts were put in by the teachers and students to showcase As for scientific aspect of the horoscope for pisces astrology, the brightest horoscope for pisces star has magnitude 3. the Paragon Assembly as winding-up of Unit III in context of Africa. The children looked bright and vibrant, dressed up in patterned clothes and participated with a lot of excitement as they informed the parents about what they had learnt through the passage of the Unit. They also showed the parents the Globes and the different types of Homes that they had created and that they had learnt why Hot and Cold houses belong to different regions of the world. But that was not all, they also informed the parents what they had learnt under various subjects such as Literacy – English and Hindi, Numeracy – Maths and GES. They also celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi, which added an Indian touch to the entire Assembly. It was heartening to see the children enjoying themselves and performing with such confidence and flair. The parents expressed their happiness as they were delighted to watch their children perform so well. Both, the teachers and the students participated with full gusto to make the assembly a success. It was extremely heartening to see the students of Grades I and III beaming with confidence with their knowledge based on the Middle Ages & Europe. In order to   instill and enforce the universal values of brother hood, tolerance, peace, compassion and solidarity in the children. The presentation concluded with a dance performance based on one of our festival of ‘Ganesh Chathurthi’. Let us take a glimpse of what our students showcased in their presentations.