MRIS 21C Celebrates Grand Parents’ Day

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MRIS 21C celebrated the Grandparents’ Day in all its grandeur. Wishing the ones who are grand in every sense of the word, were our little ones of the Early Years, trying to strengthen their inter-generational bond. With excitement written large on their faces, the grandparents very happily walked in with their grand children. The children were eager to take their grandparents to their classes, which was something unusual. A whole lot of activities were lined up for them, one being the handprints of both the grandparents and the little ones on a table mat and aptly named ‘pidhi-dar-pidhi’, which would be a memory for eternity.

The highlights, however, were the two Story Telling Zones named ‘kahaniyon ke bagan se’, designed especially for the grandparents as they sat on charpoys and cane chairs, or even mattresses and indulged in story-telling sessions. Some even sang melodious songs where

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the ambience brought back the vivid memories of their childhood. This was followed by the game session where in the grandparents participated enthusiastically and one could see the child alive in them when they jumped and screamed after receiving the prizes. They were truly elated, elevated from their daily chores of simply baby-sitting, watching television and reading the newspaper. One

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could easily perceive that little streak of excitement, happiness and contentment as time and again they would thank the teachers and the principal for making their day so special. Principal, Mrs. Ikwinder S. Singh, thanked the grandparents, asserted their importance in a family, shaping us with our roots and wrapped up with day with the famous song ‘who kagaz ki kashti, who bearish ka paani…kahani sunati jo dadi-nani’.