MARS Session @ Jantar Mantar

Students of MRIS 21 C, Faridabad visited Jantar Mantar, New Delhi to attend the second session of photography workshop conducted by Mars Education. It was an enriching experience which helped them to gain knowledge on the history of Jantar Mantar. They were excited to know about various Jantras (instruments) like Vrihat Samrat Yantra, Ram Yantra etc and how they were used by ancient people to know about time and celestial bodies. Students came to know that Jantar Mantar is a triangular gnomon. Gnomon is the projecting piece on a sundial that shows the time by the position of its shadow. It was an enriching experience for all the students.

2017-10-23T12:37:19+00:00October 23rd, 2017|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 21C|