We at MRIS believe that it is not necessary to always learn through marker and board in the class, learning can happen anywhere in any form. The concepts delivered through experiments which are picked up from real life examples are well understood by Students in a much better way.

Grade-V Students of MRIS-21c, Faridabad showed enthusiasm in learning about vegetative propagation which gave them a practical outlook as to how plants are grown by different methods (grafting, additional roots etc.) from vegetative parts i.e. roots, stems, leaves. The ‘Learning by Doing’ has left the children with an enriched experience. The outdoor activity has paved way for children to look at the nature’s minute beauty in a magnified form.

Grade IV understood ‘Digestion Process’ in a very interesting way through an experiment conducted with the help of fruit juice, bananas, socks and disposable glasses. The experiment left an indelible mark on the brains of the students.