Childhood means Fun unlimited, Bounteous shower, Of  love and care, Realm of imagination, Joy  of growing up……. “Happy Children’s Day

To celebrate the Children’s day in a unique way, we at MRIS 21-C, Faridabad  had  arranged a Korean Story Telling Session for our students from Grade I to V in the school campus. Korean Cultural Centre collaborates with ASSITEJ India (is an international network of organizations and people working in the field of theatre for young audience). Three different Korean Folk Tales, “Mr Moon and Ms. Sun”, “The Faithful Daughter Sim Cheong”, “The Woodcutter and the Heavenly Maiden”, were showcased by Indian artists from ASSITEJ India under the project called TELL A TALE.

This storytelling session was conducted at MRIS-21C Faridabad. The performing artists were of Indian origin and enacted the Korean Fairy Tales depicting stories mentioned above. The artists taught the students to speak some words like, hello and Thank You in the Korean language. It was a great session and an enriching experience for the students.