It was Paragon Assembly Time again at MRIS 21C Faridabad. The day started with the smiling faces of the children, looking fresh and confident for their ‘Unit 6 Paragon Assembly’.

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Unit 6 addressed the Essential Question ‘Why do people create art?’. BALI, a tropical island, was the focus of Unit 6 and has been an adventurous ride. The children were

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dressed in ‘Sarongs’ and wore lovely ‘Headdresses’, which they created in their respective centers, during their Paragon activity sessions. We are all proud of them, as their memory map besides INDIA, comprises of many countries, their histories, the people, the art and culture. Students learnt about four types of art casino – Dance, Music, Theater and Visual Art as part of Unit 6 and they are now aware about how people use art to express ideas, emotions and create beauty. They can also compare how we live and create art to how people in BALI do. They were really excited to share what they had learnt through the past month and also sang a medley of rhymes on the ongoing GES Theme ‘Flowers and Plants’. The assembly ended by wishing a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year by way of a song.