IN this day and age of the newest technologies, video games and high-tech

gadgets, children of all ages are now being lured to past times that are not

beneficial to their health and their creative minds. Thankfully, it’s the summer

season once again—and when the sun is out, all kinds of activities are definitely in store for your little ones. So whether they like to take a

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dip in the waters, create a little cooking demonstration or hone their language skills, these activities are all set to gear them up for a brighter future ahead. Here are just some of the things that might interest your child:

Sports Classes

IF your child wants to get healthier this summer, there are tons of

sports to indulge in. Archery, boxing, bowling, swimming, surfing, table

tennis, gymnastics, baseball, chess and even camping are just some

of the fun activities that allow your kid not only to play with others their

age but to get out of the house and to feel nature at its finest.


Household Chores

When children are small, they show interest in house works.

It’s a great idea to get their help and teach them the value

of working. So, indulge them in small household chores, like

folding the clothes, wiping the plates, cleaning the room, or

decorating the library. It will keep them busy and you would get

the much-needed help too. You can put on some music,


Painting/Coloring Books

Buy loads of colors and coloring books for your children

and keep a certain number of hours in a day, allotted for the

coloring activity. It will help develop their creativity and also

keep them engaged. If your children are very small, buy a

coloring book with the pictures of different animals and

birds. This way, while coloring the animals and birds, your child will learn about them too.

Fun in the Sun

Make sure that your kids indulge in a lot of outdoor activities,

throughout their vacation. Buy bicycles or send them to the

nearest park to play, if they are old enough. Else, you can make

them work in the garden also. Let them plant trees in the

backyard and remain busy tending the same.

to make the work fun. However, keep checking on them. Share the work together and instead of doing it as a chore; give a game-like deception to it.