We, at MRIS, believe in imparting learning through experience for our tiny tots. For the purpose of making them an independent and self sufficient individual, children of Toddlers participated in ‘Funtastic Laundry Day’ wherein they learnt to segregate clothes on the basis of clean and dirty, washing, drying, pegging, folding, ironing with toy iron and then storing clothes properly.

The objective behind the activity was to develop gross and fine motor skills, along with an understanding of clean and dirty, and why is it important to clean clothes. Teachers demonstrated how detergent is used to clean clothing. Vocabulary such as scrubbing, washing, wringing, drying, pegging, etc. was also reinforced. Since learning and doing Hand-in-hand, children also had a hands-on session and thoroughly enjoyed scrubbing, washing, rinsing, wringing, drying and pegging clothes using child-friendly detergent. It was an enriching day for the children and teachers alike.