“I don’t want to believe, I want to learn”.
Non-formal mode of education is an organized activity which can be modified in a number of forms and methods depending on the requirements of the learner. It is a fact that we can learn and remember things better if we do it and practice rather than just read them. This basic principle is involved in the formation of organization called “Mars Education” meant for ‘learning by doing’. Their first Session was conducted in the school for the students from Grade I to V.
The students of Grade I to III were explained about space missions, aliens and planet Mars through fun filled activities. The imagineers were made to brainstorm the very idea of existence of the aliens. They were also made to create their own aliens with the help of the materials provided to them by the team. In Grade IV and V the students
were explained about 3D printing, its working. Practical printing session was also conducted for them wherein the students created model with the help of 3D printers. It was heartwarming to see children create eels, and skull shaped key chains as a part of this activity. Overall the students enjoyed both the sessions to the fullest.