We, at Manav Rachna, believe in emphasizing on Indian heritage to make our students aware of various religious and national festivals. In the pursuit, students and staff of MRIS 21C celebrated and Dusshera with full vigour and verve. Beautiful dance and drama depicting entire Ramayan was staged through wonderful classical dance by students of K.G. & Grade III which enthralled the audience and everybody was left spellbound. Students were explained the importance of Navratra, reason for worshipping 9 avatar of Goddess Durga and Dusshera. The students were also told to take this teaching from festival of Dussehra that; they have to kill the evil to let the good prosper in their hearts. Students were also told that Ravan was a great scholar, Lord Shiva devotee, and a maestro of veena and a capable ruler but only because of his ego and pride he had to face defeat. His 10 heads depicted that he had the knowledge of six Shastras and four Vedas hence ten heads. Everyone present gave a promise to see that they get rid of one bad habit this Dussehra. The entire programme ended with lot of cheer, chants of Happy Dusshera.