What ‘Mess’ literally connotes is quite an observation these days. ‘Daag acchey hai’ has become a household name for describing the seamless acceptability of being messy and muddled. The notion so adopted has gone viral and still catching up. So we won’t be wrong in naming the mess as the new pretty. With such thoughts at the backdrop, MRIS-Sector14, Faridabad hosted a messy day for its Nursery children to empower their creativity and brighten up their core! Children ran amuck from one centre to the other expressing their aching desire to be messy, rather creative, which is often counterfeited in today’s environment.

Decorative workstations spanned across the entire corridors. Children with a wholesome variety of art essentials stopped at six such centers exclusively designed for them to explore and indulge in pure art delight. To start off, their first stop was that of ‘Printing press’ wherein the children went about making vegetable imprints. They named the potato imprint as the rock and okra was their flower imprint. They also had shapely sponges oozing out colour and made beautiful geometric patterns. Next in-line was ‘Free hand painting’, wherein they went berserk with brush in their hand and a lot of paint. This centre was an absolute redemption even for those who could barely hold a pencil. One of the easel boards had their finger prints while the other was just a modern art creation. There were also butterfly drawn sheets to colour and plain paper as well for those who knew nothing better than to draw. Then they moved onto their all time favourite ‘Crayon art’ centre wherein children coloured several pre-drawn sheets of fish, dog etc. This centre attracted the highest number for its plain plan. Successive centre was that of ‘Art Attack’ centre wherein they decorated various Christmas icons as tree, stocking, bells with colour, pirates and the like.Children hovered around this centre in maximum number, thereby quenching their art pangs. Then they moved onto ‘Messy Gloop’ centre wherein children scratched the gloop and went all gooey and sticky. Last was the ‘Clay Modeling’ centre wherein they cast the clay into the shape of a Santa, bird, dolls, snails, joystick, pigs etc.

The show lasted for two whole days with children still not ready to retreat. In a nutshell, it was a wow experience that wooed the children to unimaginable mounts of fun and frolic.