Children often want to read books. But they do not know as to what to read. Reading a good book is like taking a journey. All books talk but a good book listens too. Therefore, to inculcate and guide the students to read good books MRIS Sector 14 is holding  a week long ‘Book fair’ for its students. They would be offered new assortment of books. Children can peruse and purchase the books of their choice. Various activities related to story developing, title writing, slogan writing knowing about various characters from the famous stories etc would also be conducted. Early Years would also be watching moral based movies.

The Vice-Principal, Mr. Anil Taneja and the Proctor, Mr. Verma, along with the students inaugurated the event. They guided them about the selection of the books too. All the classes would be browsing the books. They all are very excited and look forward to such activities.