Yet again, Manav Rachna International School has proved that it requires an out-of-the-box approach to enlighten and educate the students and provide them with a global platform which is consequential to their overall growth.

The students of MRIS, Sector 14, Faridabad had the unique opportunity to embark upon a fun-filled tour of NASA which incorporated life-changing experiences. A team of 19 students, mentored by the Headmistresses landed in Orlando where wonders awaited them. After a lively day at the Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios, the students went on to visit the Kennedy Space Centre. The shuttle launch experiences and interactions with a real-life astronaut were real eye-openers. Students learnt myriad facts about space and astronomy.

The visit to the amazing Islands of Adventure (the wizardly world of Harry Potter) enthused the students with thrill.  After spending five days in Orlando, the team went to Niagara Falls on a ferry. The stunning Niagara Falls amazed the children who were enthralled by the sheer beauty of the landscape. Washington DC captivated the attention of the students where they visited the Capitol, Lincoln Memorial and also gained insight into the life of the greatest US President, Abraham Lincoln. The team also visited the White House and the Smithson Air and Space Museum. Different aircraft and space shuttles fascinated the students and they were wrapped in attention. As if this was not enough, a tour of the New York City and the Times Square mesmerized everyone. The glory of the Statue of Liberty awaited them after which, the last leg being Dubai, the team flew back to New Delhi with a host of visions, dreams and aspirations. Such trips help to broaden the spectrum of a child’s dreams and develop in them an eagerness towards technological advancement beyond their realms.