Yes, Kindergarteners of MRIS 14, Faridabad are very well aware that they need to dial 101 in case there’s a fire!
As they are exploring different modes of transport and their utility in the ongoing theme of GES , ‘Going Places’, our students have been taught about the emergency transport that provides special services to the  people and Fire engine is one of them. MRIS 14 always believes in learning by doing, so the little learners of KG were taken to the Fire station and shown various Fire engines. They saw how a fire truck assists in firefighting. They got spell bound after looking at the fireman using two different water pipes , longer as well as smaller, called a hose. Listening to the siren made them excited to know more about this emergency transport. Various parts of it like ladder, bell let them learn new facts and enhanced their knowledge. Thus, our kids really enjoyed their edu-trip and their enthusiasm makes the teachers take more and more efforts in making their education a fun !!