Learning language is not about making progress in one day or in one week.

It is about little learning that you gain each day.

It is the tiny discussions that make you try over and over, that could lead you to success in the long-way“.

In support to Community Outreach Programme ,that is initiated by  Dr. O.P. Bhalla Foundation, MRIS Sector – 14, Faridabad, took a step forward to commence  the Third phase of astounding ‘Speak Easy  Programme‘ for parents and grandparents to enhance their speaking and communication skills. The programme was addressed by our eminent and esteem Principal Ms. Mamta Wadhwa with her aspiring words to the parents, grandparents and apprentice , who joined with an open mind, leaving the inhibitions aside,  with the motive to gain maximum from this programme. She also emphasized that learning can begin at any stage and appreciated them for coming forward to benefit themselves with this stupendous programme.

She exclaimed “Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn, something new to achieve and learning begins at all ages”.

Following the overwhelming feedback of last two successful phases, the third phase of this astounding ‘ Speak Easy Programme’, also aims at helping the learners to be confident orators and independent speakers. The facilitators will assist them in enhancing their speaking, listening, writing and reading skills so that towards the end of the session, all the learners should be able to express and communicate effectively in English.