Sparkles-Celebrating Togetherness With Grannies

Grandparents are allies in a child’s search, for whom, they possess a very important place in his/her family and world. They play influential roles in the lives of their grandchildren. In a grandparent, they have a friend who believes in them and helps them believe in themselves. At the same time, they are the ones who forward and enrich culture and customs in the family.

Festivals are round the corner, and the most important festival-Diwali is here. Everyone across India can be seen in high festive spirit and fervor. To incorporate the festivity and the Grandparent- Grandchildren bond, MRIS-14 planned a special event- SPARKLES- the Diwali Celebration for the Bloomz and Toddlers kids where they could be seen embracing their dadi and nani, who were specially invited to the school for the event. To start with the day, the Grannies with their grandchild were involved in the various fun activities like Rangoli making, Ramp walk and games like Dhann dhana dhann!! (Coin collection game), etc. The icing on the cake was watching the dadis and nanis walking elegantly on the carpet. Aptly stated: Old is Gold, the beautiful Grannies rocked the event and made it very special for their grandchildren. The lovely rangoli patterns created by them were eye-catching. Not only this, the enthusiasm and energies with which, they were involved in the games, was startling.  It was a delight to observe the amazing bond between the children and their Grannies while praying to Lord Ganesha and singing hymns followed by feasting together. The entire event was much-admired by the Principal- Ms Mamta Wadhwa and the Grannies highly praised the efforts of the school in the upbringing of their grandchildren with great moral values.

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