SPACE Explorer workshops are spread throughout the year which focus on teaching Space Science and Astronomy to the students through practical hands on experiences. The students get an out of textbook learning experience which helps them develop their knowledge base as well as life skills. Keeping this in mind, MRIS-Sector14, Faridabad organized Space Explorers Workshop for the students of Grade III-V.

The Workshop aimed to capture the imagination and creative skills of the students by involving them into various interesting activities like ‘Guess the constellation game’, ‘Rover race board game’ etc. The participants were stimulated to scientifically analyse and rationalise the approach that modern space scientists apply in various aspects of their profession.

The workshop encouraged the participants to use logics and reasons behind things which lead to the preparation of a rational adult. The method of hands on experimentation with models revealing how things look different from various perspectives creates the concept of a three dimensional world around us. That in turn, develops the concept of multi dimensional thought process and critical analysis of scientific facts through enhancement of intellect.