To celebrate the life and teachings of our beloved Sh. O. P. Bhalla ji, who was a philanthropist, social activist, committed, dedicated and popular visionary, The Principal Mrs. Mamta Wadhwa, Staff members and the students of MRIS-14 paid homage by holding a special assembly. A two minute silence was observed to pay homage to the great soul. His vision was to reach out to the people at large. It was because of his ideology and long term thinking that children of Faridabad got an opportunity to gain education in schools and university of world class standard. He wished to serve the society in all the best possible ways.

The students of MRIS-14 also got an opportunity to be a part of his noble cause by visiting an ‘Old Age Home’. The students were very touched to meet the old grannies. They sang bhajans and songs for them. The school also shared food items with them. They were delighted to hear their childhood incidents. The students were really touched and it was a life time learning experience for them. This is what our Sir wanted to inculcate in the young generation and to make them good human beings.

“Sir, we promise to follow the path shown by you with esteem dedication and commitment.”