Children at MRIS Sector 14 performed at the ‘Show and Tell’ activity wherein they all came dressed as Community Helpers.  The children were dressed in different outfits depicting different professions. Some of the children were dressed as: Doctors, Policemen, Postman, Firefighter, Soldier, Teacher, etc. It was a fun day and a good learning experience for the little ones as they talked about the different professions and the services they provide. For example, a doctor cures the sick, a policeman ensures law and order, a teacher helps in building the child’s future and instills moral values. The ‘Show and Tell’ activity organized for the little Toddlers gave them an opportunity to learn and add new words to their vocabulary. The children spoke a few lines about the profession they represented with full enthusiasm. This was also more of an ice-breaker for the children as it gave them an opportunity to express themselves in words. The toddlers spoke confidently and enjoyed the day to the fullest. Each one of them went back with a feeling of being special as they all did their best.