The Shabad recital on the occasion of the auspicious day of “Gurupurab”, during the morning assembly by the students of  MRIS-14,created a blissful and devotional environment. The students covered their heads and recited the Shabad with full devotion. They sang with such poise that it really touched everyone’s heart. MRIS-14 Bloomz and Toddler together went to Gurdwara (Sector-15, Fbd) to mark the Parkash Utsav of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, while apprising children of its significance. Kids recited “Satnam waheguru jaap”. Through this holy visit along with mothers, kids learned the importance of religion and attended a “kirtan”. Later, they relished the “Kara prasad”. All the kids left gurudwara by chanting waheguru waheguru……. This visit enlightened the pious and peaceful spirits among the little ones.