The tingling toddlers of MRIS-Sector 14, Faridabad began this month, with the new theme ‘Colours and Shapes’. The colour red was introduced at the start of the theme. Children came decked up in red with matching red accessories. The entire corridor was adorned with red balloons and big red rose cut outs. Kids enthusiastic as ever engulfed themselves in various fun activities, specifically designed for Red Day. They enjoyed pasting pictures of their favourite red objects like roses, apples, caps, strawberries, red dresses etc and making a big red collage. They were excited to decorate their cookies with strawberry sauce.

To make learning more enjoyable, the teachers organized a dramatic play –‘Little Red Riding Hood’ story where they enacted the different characters. Kids were totally mesmerized to visualize how the characters came alive and were completely engrossed throughout the session.

To add up more excitement to the Red Day, a visit by ‘Clifford the red dog’ amused the little kiddos. They were so startled to see live red dog entering their classroom with his wagging tail, that they could not stop themselves to cuddle and shake hands with Clifford. The entire story sessions planned have spurred up the imagination amongst the children and the entire aura was filled with fun and excitement. Altogether it was a moment to cherish for the little ones.