The Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences at Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad organized a Pro-Social Peer Moderator Program. The program is spread over 5 sessions, the first of which was held on 23rd April 2015. Sania Bhalla (IX-A), Taru Singhal (IX-A), Anushka Jindal (IX-A), Kaushal Singh (IX-A), Bhumika Gupta (XI-C), Katyayani Kapil (IX-E) and Jatin Mittal (XI-C) represented MRIS Sector 14. The topic for the session was Aggression Management. The media has been implicated in increased aggression, unhealthy lifestyle/life choices and lowered self-esteem. The module was designed to enable students to understand the reasons for their anger and to learn effective techniques to manage and constructively channelize their energies, without being a treat to themselves or to others. Effective communication, empathy and assertiveness were the life skills imparted to the students during the session.