Prabhat Ngo Visit

Students of MRIS-14 celebrated Christmas with children of Prabhat- NGO

Acting as the harbingers of boundless bliss and cheer, the students of Grades IX of MRIS-14 paid a visit to Prabhat, an NGO devoted to the cause of providing basic health and educational support and assistance to the differently abled, underprivileged children and senior citizens. The students readily volunteered themselves to offer humanitarian services to fill the hearts of the children with disabilities with merriment galore. In a one-to-one interaction, the students engaged these children in a tearing and pasting activity where they enthusiastically decorated the mask of Santa Claus and the Christmas tree with cotton and stickers.

The young students of MRIS-14 turned into patient caregivers as they guided the children with special needs with commendable sensitivity through the various fun-filled activities. This was followed by a cake party. Acquiring the lessons of sharing and being selfless in service, the student-volunteers realized the significance of community outreach in building a progressive society where no person would ever be marginalized, where each day would awaken new possibilities to a happy and prosperous life.

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