Significance of ‘Positive Self-Esteem’ was stressed upon in the morning assembly recently conducted by Class VII- E and F of MRIS Sector-14, Faridabad where in students were guided to have both courage and self-esteem. It was very well equated as Courage + Self Esteem = Confidence. It started off with a rapid round of General Knowledge Quiz. The students talked about positive self esteem and told that it is the single most important psychological skill we can develop in order to thrive in the society. It was followed by a beautiful poem giving a strong message–‘Don’t Quit’. In the talk show, various aspects of life were shown in the form of quotes related to motivation, initiative, direction, courage, attitude to name a few. The message of positivity in life was revealed in the form of a skit where it was clearly understood that self-esteem is learned and earned; it is a result of a person’s pride and that pride comes from their positive behavior and actions.

To further explore the idea of self-esteem, Mr. Verma, Proctor guided students that self-esteem comes from inside. He asked the students to think positively about themselves and not to compare themselves with others. He explained the word WATCH, relating to our life and laid emphasis on how to be proud of and to respect yourself, how to cope with changes and how to resist negative pressure.