We at MRIS-14 always believe in hands on experience and involvement of not only our student but even parents too. After the successful phonic PD for the mothers of Kindergartner, the school conducted it for Nursery mothers too. It was an interactive and educating workshop for the mothers to help them to become more confident in their parenting, educating their children and decision making skills.

Ms. Elaine Margaret Carter, Member of Excellence Team, Headmistress Mrs. Monika Kathuria and Early Years Coordinator Mrs. Meena Khanna, together demonstrated the Phonic Sounds to the moms. The enthusiasm, zeal to learn and to know how to teach the children was overwhelming. The Jolly Phonic Song added a spark to the learning environment where all the Instructors and Learners sang and danced together. It converted into as one of our active Nursery grade where all the students participated willingly. The Principal Mrs. Mamta Wadhwa congratulated and appreciated the gathering and introduced them to ‘Letters and Sound’ a new curriculum for grade Nursery, where we will start with the set of lower case of letters(s,a,t,p,I,n) instead of following the set pattern of  alphabet series. It was indeed a successful effort both by the school as well as our participating parents.