We at Manav Rachna always believe in strong parent school partnership for effective learning outcome. To take parents on board and to satisfy their queries for curriculum and its implementation, Mris-14 conducted a parent orientation session, where Ms Elaine answered all the queries in a very simple way. She explained as to how effective is small group teaching to cater the requirement of each individual child. Further she explained the fundamental of ‘Letter and Sound’ curriculum where children will frame words, after doing five letters only instead of learning the seriation in a traditional way. The headmistress, Ms Monika Kathuria herself was involved in the session and highlighted the effectiveness of writing in Nelson script by relating it with reading in print. Parents thoroughly enjoyed the activity where first they were asked to write as beautifully they could and were later asked to write with left hand and closed eyes. The difference in the result made them aware of the difficulty faced by a three year old child  to write in narrow four lines.The parents too got a platform to put up their queries and were happy with the convincing answers.  It was  indeed a great session, happy and convinced faces of parents was the rewards for the day.