“Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another.”

Keeping this in mind MRIS Sector 14 organized an overnight Educational camp at Sariska for their students of classes VII and IX on 20 th April ’15, wherein, 105 students participated along with seven teachers under the guidance of the Head mistress Ms. Minakshi Sharma. Students were amazed watching celestial bodies through telescope. Their happiness and excitement was quiet evident on their faces when they witnessed watching moon with its craters. Jupiter with its four Galileo moons in the sky, Venus, Orion nebula, Beehive cluster, Pleiades cluster, Alberio and Saturn with its ring was breath taking to watch. As it was a no light zone students were asked to cover their torches with red cellophane sheets to avoid light pollution.

Students were very curious and unending queries which were very well explained by the instructor of the Astronomy club. The facilities provide were worth appreciating and living in tents was in itself a wonderful experience for the students.

The trip was not only a great learning experience for them but it also forces the children to think for which sky is the limit.