Holi – the festival of colors is one of the most popular, vibrant, exciting and fun festivals of the year. It not only marks the victory of good over evil but is also a celebration of spring – the return of the colors around us – new leaves and new flowers. MRIS-sector-14 celebrated holi with music and colour. The occasion was graced by the Director of Academic Staff College and Administration, MRIS- Ms. Goldi Malhotra and Executive Director, Ms. Deepika Bhalla. Ms. Goldi boosted the teachers’ morale by qouting that in school children do not have rich or poor mothers . All theyhave is a rich teacher. We, as teachers should always work and grow together.

The Principal- Ms Mamta Wadhwa wished everyone a very Happy Holi. All the teachers played holi with flowers and enjoyed the musical programme presented by the Music Department.